The Revealer on Katrina [updated]

Read this piece. You cannot escape the race issue in the Katrina disaster. You have to wonder if that’s what makes it OK to ignore situation – on the part of the federal government, that contributed to this catastrophe by de-funding the levee construction, removing National Guard and flood equipment (for Iraq?!?) and then not mobilizing resources quickly and appropriately. I’m also hearing CNN ask if this is about race or class. It’s not an either/or option. Race and class are linked, although, this administration has done a lot to erase that line by making sure so many more of us are just poor.

update: More from The Revealer.

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One thought on “The Revealer on Katrina [updated]

  1. She lost me at the first reference to “genocide.” Instead, I think the Progressive Programmer gets it about right, and he didn’t rely have to rely on overheated rhetoric about genocide.
    Olbermann, Limbaugh, Sharpton and the GOP Mindset

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