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Rashid Khalidi [Updated]

Updates: There’s a move to push Khalidi’s book, The Iron Cage, into the public consciousness. I haven’t read this particular book, but it’s en route. Get yours here. Juan Cole has some more information. Rosenberg at TPM CafĂ© (one of my favorite writers over there) [/end update] ———- Prof. Rashid Khalidi is under fire once more. Apparently John McCain gave him some money and some Republicans don’t like the fact that McCain is running a virulently xenophobic campaign, and borderline anti-Semitic one that treats Jews as mindless, sub-human, single-issue voters, while at the same time funding a xeno. Prof. Khalidi…

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Is Obama Muslim?

Reminder: Is Obama Muslim? No. However, Josh tells me 23% of Texans believe that he is. And Aziz says 28% of Kentuckians believe that he is. Aziz also tells me the number is 12% nationally. So what happens when Obama is elected president? Does that mean that these people will think they are governed by a Muslim? That as a good Muslim he will demand we do things that are anti-American? Things like use our intellect in an engagement with the free-flow of ideas? We’ll all be able to practice our respective faiths freely and openly? We’ll stop fearing each…

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Politics and Kids Cartoons

Maybe I’m more aware of this now that I have kids, but do politicians always sound like kids’ cartoons? In the movie Beauty and the Beast, the character Gaston says “you’re either with us or against us.” Sarah Palin sounds like the squirrel from Higglytown Heroes, ya betcha. And of course, Barack Obama channels Bob the Builder with “Yes we can.” Election 2008, kids shows

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