Fear and Hate

For those of you who don’t know an organization called the Clarion Fund (see TPM for more on this group) sponsored the release of a virulently anti-Muslim and borderline anti-Semitic DVD in five swing states (see Haroon’s blog for more on this. He’s really been doing the Yeoman’s work here.) When I was asked about this DVD a couple of weeks ago, I joked that it was going to be released in German as Untermenschen, because it is clearly the inheritor of Goebbel’s vision. Little did I realize how prophetic I was. A mosque was attacked in Dayton, Ohio, one…

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The Modern Muslim Arab Male

This is a decent article in the NYT about Arabs, specifically Muslims, and modernity. I’m saddened that they only focused on males, because there is another half of the population. Also, it seems like the issues they are investigating would benefit with a comparison as to what is happening in the US and how we are negotiating the same issues.

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