More Terrorist Attacks Foiled

I can’t believe how many terrorist plots there have been against the US since 9/11. You would think that with the increase in security that has happened, and Muslim condemnation of these “Islamic” terrorists, it would stop. But wait, most of the plots against America have not been carried out or planned by Muslims! It’s been the work, most recently, of white separatists. Why aren’t these stories getting the same play as Arab and Muslim foiled plots? And why are the spectacular failures of the DOJ in prosecuting their high-profile cases not getting the same coverage? The media is complicit with the Bush administration in making this country less secure and eroding the ideals of America.

2 thoughts on “More Terrorist Attacks Foiled

  1. I don’t know what spectacular failures you’re referring that haven’t gotten media play. The Husayn case in Idaho? The one acquittal in Virginia paintball case? The deportion of Hamdi? All of these stories have had widespread coverage. In fact, I’d say the ACLU-spun media is on the lookout for any story that supports the left’s view that the ‘war on terrorism’ is a failure. My own view is that the war on terrorism is a foolish tagline. Our mistake is to treat it as legal problem that we can indict and subpoena our way in it.
    If you’re a bit more specific about which cases, I’d be happy to take up the DOJ’s case.

  2. I felt that the conviction in Virginia was ridiculous, I don’t know how playing paintball wars could possibly make you a terrorist. Its like arresting American tourists wearing I Love America t-shirts because some crackpot might think that they’re spies eyeing out some sort of invasion. The whole terror watch thing is only to make Americans feel unsafe and scared. These are the right ingredients needed to pass such bills like The Patriot Act, and many others that are being concieved as speak. I love democracy, but I fear that the west has lost the true notion of it. And its only being used to gain power and control, just like Islamist radicals using Islam as a form of control to make people hurt others.

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