I’m an Islamo-?

I’m actually an islamoyankee (a Muslim American, of the Northeast, blue-neck, sushi-eating variety). The name actually comes from a description of the two things the French fear the most – Muslims and Americans. I’ve repurposed it.

However, it seems Muslims are no longer islamofascists. We are now islamonazis and islamocancers. Michael Savage can rest easy that I actually agree with him. Every time I see a white man in a hood, I think Klansmen. Every time I hear his voice, I think idiot. We should be allowed to profile based on appearance and our opinion. Oh, wait, my opinion is based on reality. Sorry, slight difference. Idiot. A woman wearing what she wants (benefit of the doubt) is a Nazi, but someone spouting hatred (not hate speech) is a …? I find it interesting that he knows the woman behind the burqa is not white. Does he have x-ray glasses? See Ingrid Mattson.

As for Cal Thompson, what can I say? There is a slow spreading cancer in the Muslim community, but it’s not his business to tell us how to treat it, and that cancer is not contagious (although as a virus, perhaps we caught the hate bug from him?), so stop trying to kill person to cure the disease.

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One thought on “I’m an Islamo-?

  1. Oh, for God’s sake. Who on earth are these people and what is the matter with them?
    Well, I join you in the blue-neck and sushi-eating part, anyway. And someone recently complimented one of my poems by saying I’m following in the footsteps of Rumi and Hafiz; does that make me part Sufi? *g*

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