Al-Qaeda in India?

Read this story. Man tries to bury is two-day old granddaughter. What does this have to do with AQ? Man is probably Muslim (Abdul Rahman), but goes directly against Qur’anic commandments.

  1. Kill not your children for fear of want: We shall provide sustenance for them as well as for you. Verily the killing of them is a great sin. (17:31)
  2. as he hides him from the people because of the evil of the good tidings that have been given unto him, whether he shall preserve it in humiliation, or trample it; into the dust. Ah, evil is that they judge! (16:58-59)
  3. When the female (infant), buried alive, is questioned – For what crime she was killed; (81:8-9).

What does this have to do with AQ? Isn’t this the definition? Hatred of women, rejection of Qur’anic commandments, and claims of being Muslim?

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