I have been following this election season for well over the past six months. I cannot believe that anyone with half a brain would want to return the Republican majority back to Congress. I am not an ideologue and choose candidates based on their policies and character. However, this current Congress has proven to be broken and in need of putting down. From Jack Abrahmoff to gift wrapping the Constitution for the Executive branch to blow their noses on, the Republican party has shown that fear and corruption are their raison d’etre.

Rolling Stone has a great article “THE LOW POST: Not Better Late Than Never: Mass culture turns on the Republicans — but why? by Matt Taibbi.The article accurately takes the media to task for jumping on the “Down with Bush” bandwagon about 4 years to late.

He states: “It doesn’t take much courage to book the Dixie Chicks when George Bush is sitting at thirty-nine percent in the polls and carrying 3,000 American bodies on his back every time he goes outside. It doesn’t take much courage for MSNBC’s Countdown to do a segment ripping the “Swift-Boating of Al Gore” in May 2006, or much gumption from Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift to say that many people in the media “regret” the way Gore was attacked and ridiculed in 2000. We needed those people to act in the moment, not years later, when it’s politically expedient. We needed TV news to reject “swift-boating” during the actual Swift Boat controversy, not two years later; we needed ABC and NBC to stand up to Clear Channel when that whole idiotic Dixie Chicks thing was happening, not years later; we needed the networks and the major dailies to actually cover the half-million-strong protests in Washington and New York before the war, instead of burying them in inside pages or describing the numbers as “thousands” or “at least 30,000,” as many news outlets did at the time; and we needed David Letterman to have his war epiphany back when taking on Bill O’Reilly might actually have cost him real market share.”

Please vote.

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  1. Yo Islamoyankee,
    Good call on the Taibbi article. I read his Spanking the Donkey and appreciate or argue with almost everything he says, which makes it fun. I also marched around the White House against the Israel-Hamas war and thought that his RS article on the event captured the experience well.

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