New Terrorism Adviser Takes A ‘Broad Tent’ Approach : NPR

New Terrorism Adviser Takes A ‘Broad Tent’ Approach : NPR.

“A number of years ago, before he went into government, he did some of the most path-breaking work not only on who was susceptible to being radicalized, but most importantly, who was the most resistant to being radicalized,” says Christine Fair, an expert on terrorism and radicalization at Georgetown University. “And the findings that he came up with based upon his work really shattered some of the stereotypes we have about Muslims and radicalization.” 

As part of his research, Wiktorowicz interviewed hundreds of Islamists in the United Kingdom. After compiling his interviews he came to the conclusion that ā€” contrary to popular belief ā€” very religious Muslims were in fact the people who ended up being the most resistant to radicalization.