Religion Baiting

Nice piece over at TPMCafe on the new Muslim baiting happening in American politics. I don’t think it’s so new as we got a taste of some of this with Hillary Clinton’s first Senate campaign, and her “associates” were scrutinized for colored and/or non-Christian. Technorati Tags: Muslim baiting

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Muslims don’t hate Macs

Via Jason O’Grady, I see that MEMRI is up to their usual business of inflaming anti-Arab feelings (for some background see these posts, here, here, here, and here.) Now, I have no reason to think that MEMRI is making up this posting, that’s not their MO, they cherry-pick inflammatory texts to translate. It is unfortunate that there is no further information as where the text they are translating came from, but I am willing to take it at face value. The material if factually inaccurate (the cube has already been built, the store has been open for several months, there…

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The latest study puts over 600,000 Iraqi civilians dead since the occupation began (here and here). It’s a good thing we don’t believe in science or facts (and more and more it seems we don’t believe in God), otherwise we might be concerned. [editor’s note:] The “we” refers to us as Americans, not just the members of islamicate. Technorati Tags: Iraq

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