Muslims don’t hate Macs

Via Jason O’Grady, I see that MEMRI is up to their usual business of inflaming anti-Arab feelings (for some background see these posts, here, here, here, and here.) Now, I have no reason to think that MEMRI is making up this posting, that’s not their MO, they cherry-pick inflammatory texts to translate. It is unfortunate that there is no further information as where the text they are translating came from, but I am willing to take it at face value. The material if factually inaccurate (the cube has already been built, the store has been open for several months, there is no alcohol served on premises, etc.). I must confess though, that I live close by and go on pilgrimage there at least once a month and play with the toys. I know of no one who is offended by this thing (except for the fact that the elevator only seems to work 50% of the time). But of course, as you can see by some of the comments on Jason’s blog, MEMRI has achieved their goal of de-humanizing Muslims as thoughtless brutes.

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4 thoughts on “Muslims don’t hate Macs

  1. Not offended by Apple Store

    Muslim Website Says Muslims Aren’t Offended By Apple Store – It seems people are trying to manufacture a “Muslim outrage” over the new Apple Store building in New York, which is of a cube shape and was covered in…

  2. So Mr. Smartypants, if the Apple Store is not anti-Muslim why does it have a Genius Bar? We know the Muslims are adverse to rational thought, thus they must hate geniuses. Furthermore, we know that Muslims dont drink (not during Ramadan, publically), therefore the bar is there just to provoke. We all know that music is haram, and Apple makes its cash from music and music players. And finally, I have it on good authority that the “i” in iPod, iMac, and iBook, refer to “Israel”. I will get my pornography on a different, more Muslim-friendly platform. I am no longer the MacDaddy or the DaddyMac.

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