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Military-Industrial Complex

I only saw a little bit of Bush’s speech the other day, and it happened to be the part where he wants the military to run this country when it gets too tough for him to do it. I was going to write some commentary on the military industrial complex, but these two pieces pretty much cover what I wanted to say: TPM, Gadflyer (related). Technorati Tags: Katrina, military industrial complex

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East and West

Hi everyone, this is my first post as a contributor to Islamicate so I’d like to thank Hussein for so kindly inviting me to be a contributor. I think that Islamicate is part of a wider and essential movement which is small but growing and which focuses on the common ground that we all share as opposed to the differences. We all have points of divergence, even within our own communities, even in our personal relationships, it’s the way it is and I have never seen much point in dwelling on these. It is far more useful and harmonious (and…

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Inter-faith Intra-faith

Arrival Day 2005

Jonathan of Head Heeb fame is convening the third annual blogburst for Arrival Day. Arrival Day commemorates the arrival of Jews to old New Amsterdam, and each year, the burst has a theme. According to Jonathan, “this year, the focus is on American Jews as part – or, more accurately, parts – of a larger whole.” After last year’s Arrival Day I read Philip Roth’s Operation Shylock – no causal relationship. In it, Roth’s protagonist, Philip Roth #2 (you really need to read the book) preaches an idea he calls “diasporism,” as a counter to Zionism. Now, regardless of what…

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Mira Nair and Uganda

Great piece, continuing in the vein of Asians and East Africa. If you haven’t seen Mississippi Masala, I do recommend it as it is the only film I know of that deals with the twice-migrant Asian community. Technorati Tags: Asians in East Africa, Uganda

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