Keeping Hope Alive

I’m still keeping hope alive. Kerry may have conceded, and Bush maybe President at last, after four years, but I am hopeful.

I was disappointed and depressed, but that is the way of failure. I’m glad the election came when it did, because Laylat ul-Qadr is coming up this Saturday, and that’s a time when I think and pray about the type of world I want. However, there’s the old proverb, “trust in God, but tie your camel” (different from the new proverb, “trust in God, but carry a 9.”) This is a time for me to do something about the world I want to live in, and hopefully the rest of the liberals and progressives will feel the same way.

Over 51% of the country said Bush is doing such a good job that they want him to continue doing it. I don’t. I believe in the idea of America, an idea that I believe this administration is fundamentally opposed to, and I will continue to fight for that idea and that ideal. More money will go to progressive groups; more writing will happen; my lecturing will get more political; networking will go in new directions.

I was trying to decide whether to enter the academy or try policy work when I finish. I’m not sure I have a choice anymore. As I flail around, if people know about places where I could my knowledge about Islam to use, drop me a line, or comment.