I am not sure if readers are aware of the on-going flap in Pakistan regarding the role of Education Review Boards. If not, let me fill you in briefly. The MMA, a coalition of really ugly mullahs, clerics, and outlaws are protesting the goverments recognition of the Aga Khan University Examination Board as one of the Boards that administer tests for graduating students. The protest have gotten serious and the calls for violence escalating. In the midst of Pakistans increasing intolerance, I came across articles by Irfan Husain, a Pakistani commentary who writes in The Dawn. Mr. Husain is a voice of reason in a seriously fractured society. I think his articles are worth reading. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Heart of the Matter
Winds of Change?
Liberalism and Tolerance
Facing up to Reality
In the Eyes of the West

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