Columbia Owns the World

This guy has a real problem in recognizing the quality of Columbia faculty in academia, but at least he gets what Lions do.

Bwog » From the Magazine: New World Order.

This lack of professorial fanfare is par for the course at Columbia, at least where internation[al] achievements are concerned. The faculty directories of SIPA and the Law School and even the undergraduate schools are filled with D-list professors who have had A-list impacts on the world, so much so that a large portion of the world’s people today are living directly or indirectly under some form of Columbian authority because of professors like Radon and their students.

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  1. “Bear in mind that the wonderful things you learn in your schools are the work of many generations. All this is put in your hands as your inheritance in order that you may receive it, honor it, add to it, and one day faithfully hand it on to your children.”

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