Stands for Punk A$$ Mo Fo. I think a better term than hoodlums in this case. Martijn always has such interesting posts.

However, on the issue of counter-identity, isn’t that essentially OBL’s point? He hates women, so he’s a man. He hates the “West,” so he’s an Arab. He hates Christians and Jews, so he’s a “Muslim.” A little more seriously, hasn’t he simply adopted Islam as an oppositional identity? Isn’t he more aligned with Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam than with the Hanbali school? For OBL, it seems Islam is what others are not, and his association with Taliban, who defined their Islam against what other did rather than what they did, shows a serious lack of thought and engagement with the religion. OBL, I dub thee PAMF.

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  1. islamicate: PAMF

    PAMF looks like one of those words in comics. One superhero hits the superbadguy and according to this textballoon the sounds goes like PAMF! or something. islamicate has an entry on Punk A$$ Mo Fo (does this need any translation into Dutch?) and he r…

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