The terrorists are coming!…er…no…they’re here

Nick Kristof brings the obvious to light. I’m glad he’s doing it, because it’s only when something is in the non-blogging media is taken seriously. I just wish he’d done it sooner. It’s not only about protecting Muslims, it’s about protecting America.

3 thoughts on “The terrorists are coming!…er…no…they’re here

  1. Now what makes Mr. Kristol, and you, think that law enforcement isn’t paying attention to the Matt Hales and homegrown violent groups? That law enforcement is “too complacent” about homegrown threats? Because you don’t read about it daily in the news? I don’t like picking on the ignorant necessarily, but Kristol should have inquired first before reaching the conclusion he does.

  2. Whoops — that’s “Kristof.” Such is the risk of trying to prepare breakfast for an antsy little boy and respond to blogs at the same time.

  3. That Mr. Liberal of the NYT is so hot to encourage application of police state methods, already out of place in this baloney “war on terror,” to even more categories of offically designated “enemies of freedom” is frightful proof – if proof were needed – that Liberals are not interested in protecting American liberties or American rights from the ever more dangerous, bullying, and nosy state power we are so stupidly building.
    We need to be encouraging the people and the government to back off and chill out. Not to extend their power further.
    Remember, if those loons in the Militias can’t own weapons and train for possible battle against the government, neither can anybody else – though it will be a cold day in Hades when Mr. Liberal publicly insists the FBI watch the Nation of Islam like a hawk.
    That is just what the Liberals want, actually. Complete civilian disarmament, the utter nakedness of the population, bare and defenseless against the ever-increasing police power of the state.
    And what would Thomas Jefferson, the whole generation of the founders, and most political and legal scholars for all most all of our country’s history think of that?
    PS. Think of this fathead’s evident glee over the government’s harassment of those racist fools the next time you see an article by him in the NYT casually condemning government surveillance of anti-war, Communist, and red-front groups during the Cold War, or the loyalty and security concerns of that time.

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