A Day in the Life

Suicide bombings are becoming a daily occurance in Iraq. So much so, that when I scan the paper in the morning I quickly glance over the morning report of Iraqi violence. I can say the same for Darfur. I have become de-sensitized to it. Shame on me. Today they got 47 in Mosul. Last week it was a much higher figure. The total will continue to rise like a pinball machine. High score goes to the insurgents. A few days ago, it was the mass shooting of civilians including women and children.

The insurgents or terrorists no longer attempt to connect their actions with the American presence in Iraq. They are out for blood and any Iraqi will do. What is most alarming is that the Muslim world and it’s clerics remain silent. Can you imagine the outcry if 47 Iraqis were killed by American troops.

In the Muslim world and in particular in the Arab world, human life counts for very little. What is more important is: Who is doing the killing? Not who is being killed. Saddam was a butcher, but today he is seen as a sympathic figure in many parts of the Muslim world. This mass murderer has killed more Muslims than Sharon and Bush combined. High score to Saddam but there are still many Ayatollahs, Dictators, Warlords, and Osama is still in the game. Why are we silent when it is Muslims slaughtering Muslims? We can only become human when we concern ourselves with injustice even if it is not against Muslims; when we concern ourselves with who got killed not who did the killing; and, when we have concern for all of God’s creation. I got no time for the haters…

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