Continuing on Indian Jews

Jonathan brings us more information on Indian Jews. Here are my links on the topic, including to Rachel’s trip to India. In India, both Muslims and Jews are minority communities and in close proximity to one another. What’s interesting is that you never hear about Muslim anti-Semitism in India.

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  1. Thanks for the link to Rachel’s India trip. I myself will make a 10-day trip to India in April, inshallah. To my knowledge, I will be the first one in my immediate family to visit India since my paternal great-grandfather left Rajasthan about 100 or so years ago. So, with a Latin given name, Hindu surname, and a Muslim confessional, I’m looking forward to the visit.

  2. Do send us updates and photos. I’d love to know how you are received and how you receive India.

  3. I will. Since it’s a work-related trip at India’s invitation, I expect that I’ll be received well offcially. The Indians were in DC last November for an official visit and seemed to be quite pleased generally that I was one of their US interlocutors.
    But I know what you mean, and I’m looking forward to shaking my official handlers and seeing Delhi and Hyderabad on foot. Inshallah, I’ll have time to head back north on my own to see Agra and Jaipur before I leave for home.
    In reading my comments again, I realized that I left my paternal great-grandmother out — she made the trip from Rajasthan as well.

  4. Tony — feel free to email me if you have any questions about India travel. We didn’t make it to Hyderabad, but spent a day in Jaipur and a day in Agra, and have some recommendations for seeing both of them. (If you’re in Agra, for instance, see if you can get transport to Fatehpur Sikri, the abandoned palace town of Akbar, built about 100 years before the Taj and hauntingly beautiful…)
    (er, apologies for hijacking your commentspace, islamicate folks. 🙂

  5. Rachel, I’m hurt you’d think you couldn’t post what you did here. Blogs are nothing if not about community and helping people out.

  6. Rachel,
    Thanks very much — I will. A day in Agra and Jaipur is about all I’ll have on the weekend before work starts. Work in Delhi and Hyderabad for two days each and then home. Wonderful pictures on your site. I’ve gotten through about half of them so far.

  7. You can do Fatehpur Sikri in transit and it’s definitely worth it. (Don’t get suckered into the elephant ride) Sadly, a day in Agra is probably all you need because of the hawkers and rampant commercialism, but do yourself a favor and get to the Taj at the moment it opens if you hope to get any decent pictures (lighting and crowds are most favorable in the early morning). We did a similar trek in 2001, so feel free to bounce questions off me as well.

  8. i am an indian jew n very proud of it
    indian jews r da best
    i live in canada now
    so u kno v r da best…….
    believe me

  9. im indian and jewish, i love my muslim brothers they have never harmed me for who i am, we all live in peace back home

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