Sorry for the delayed Thanksgiving post. No regular internet access for the last few and the next couple of days. Thanks to all our readers, and this year we have enough regular readers whom we know that it would take too long to list all of you by name. Keep the comments, ideas, emails coming. Thanks to all the contributors, anonymous and regular, who keep the posts flowing.

And of course, thanks to God for creating us as tribes so that we may know one another.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Hi Islamicate folks,
    I have a question and was wondering whether you might know where to find the answer. Do you know where one would look to find out how many books are published in Arabic each year?
    – Rachel (VR)

  2. Rachel, I believe that the UN report on Arab Development (not sure what it was called exactly) listed the number of books written in Arabic and translated in Arabic. It was a very low number as you can imagine.

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