Giving Virtual Thanks

In light of the coming day of thanksgiving, we wanted to take a second to recognize a few of people of the virtual ummah who have supported us so far.

Again, we have to thank the folks at Muslim WakeUp! who were the first to welcome us and who have been consistent commentors and visitors to the site (yes, Jawad, we mean you.) We’ve been negligient in our activities on their site, and hope to address that situation soon.

They’ve also brought a wonderful site to our attention, Al-Musawwir. Further proof that there is a difference between Moslems and Klingons.

Looking at our visitor logs, we see that we’ve been getting quite a few referrals from Al-Muhajabah and Hijab Man. They are new to our consciousness, we look forward to some serious consciousness raising.

These people are only the ones we know by name. They have all epitomized, to us, the true nature of the ummah; that is a welcoming place, regardless of what our views are. It has been a true pleasure and encouragement to know people like them are out there. Thank you all.

We also want to thank our readers, regular and irregular, for checking us out. Hopefully you like what you see and will stay a while.