Link Dump

Sorry for the lack of substantive posting lately. I’ve been dealing with various deadlines; in fact I missed Dave’s talk at Harvard. I did see Orhan Pamuk last night, and will be seeing Farid Esack tonight (I will post details of that talk soon.)

I do, however, have a huge backlog of interesting links I want to dump on you, and they will come in spurts over the next few days.

Saudi Arabia and terrorism, and religious tolerance.

Watch out for this organization. I understand it might include the founding members of Muslims for Bush, so I’m curious as to how “progressive” will be defined. If any of the kind folks at MWU could shed some light on this I would appreciate it.

Ramadan is terror season. Just remember, violence is actually forbidden during Ramadan, unless explicitly attacked first.

Please stop burning mosques.

Don’t trust Muslims.

World-wide Progressive Islam.

Muslim Canadian Congress. They look really cool.

Islam in Tajikistan after communism.

Who speaks for Islam?

Canadian Muslims recognize that Darfur is a problem. Why don’t American Muslims?

Muslims helping the developing world. You can get involved. (It’s actually a Muslim funded organization, but is open to everyone.)

I wound if this would happen in NY if people voted Republican?

Fire Ashcroft.

Chinese Muslims.