The Wahhabi Movement Hates the Prophet (PBUH)

The Wahhabis are apparently putting toilets over where the Prophet (PBUH) lived. Clearly what the Qur’an meant when it said God and the angels praise him (33:56).

In 1990, sympathizers tipped him off that the site thought to contain the foundations of the Meccan house of Muhammad and Khadija was to be paved over. He rushed to the site, even threatening to put his young son in the bulldozer’s path. He used his contacts to win permission for a last-minute archaeological dig. It lasted 40 days, and he says his team of volunteers uncovered stone foundations that appeared to be those of the Prophet’s abode. But in the end, the site was buried in concrete and covered in unmarked marble. A public toilet now stands nearby, according to Meccans.

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  1. I was browsing the web and found your article. I agree with the writer. Wahhabi have something in their minds against the Prophet. They are a devious sect. You might be interested in the url i pasted above.

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