Gore in 04!

Al Gore was on fire last night. Speaking at the function arranged by MoveOn PAC, Gore blasted the Bush administration for various crimes. It was a compelling speech that showed Gore’s conviction and passion. It came four years too late for Gore, but I hope that Kerry was taking notice. Gore claimed that America had lost its moral compass, that its ideals and foundations were being systematically undermined, and that the current administration were incompetent at best and criminally negligent at worst. It was a rousing performance that will probably be re-shown on CSPAN. Ghostdog says “four stars and two thumbs up. Check it out.

3 thoughts on “Gore in 04!

  1. It appears that whoever is elected president this year – the US won’t be having a moral compass for another four years. 🙁 Neither candidate wants that. Clinton, who was seen as immoral, was at least had more morality to humankind.

  2. While Kerry may be bad for America, Bush and his henchmen are bad for humanity. Gore’s outrage was on target yesterday. The Democrats should get off the fence and adopt Gores speech as their starting point for challenging the Republican Party.

  3. When Clinton was in and the Starr Report appeared on the news feeds, I thought at the time we’d sunk to new lows of moral degradation. Subsequent events have shown me that we hadn’t.
    The analogy of “stupid college frat tricks” was made very recently in connection with events too painful to recount again here – but we all know what I’m referring to. In retrospect, it turns out that it was Clinton who indulged in “stupid college-boy frat behaviors.” Messing about with a young girl, even in the Oval office, even as a married man, qualifies as immoral and stupid. But that wasn’t nearly as bad as what we’ve seen more recently. Clinton hurt his wife and daughter and made a total ass of himself. He also lied under oath, which was far more serious than the initial actions, in my view. Even so, as *stupid* as his antics may have been, nobody died as a result of them, the international community did not turn its back on us, we hadn’t invaded a country for no apparent reason, destroyed people’s homes and livelihoods, or caused thousands of innocent children, women, civilians to die. Clinton was stupid and self-indulgent, yes. But the scope of the damage he caused seemed to stay within the domestic boundaries. I even recall the French prime minister at the time saying something like “people who enjoy life are good to have in office…they are happier people,” something to that effect.
    What we have now is a hundred million times worse than the Clinton sexual stupidities.

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