Back to the open letter

Two weeks ago I posted an open letter to Bush and Kerry. At the urging of the Velveteen Rabbi, I actually sent it – electronically – to both candidates. I thought I should give an update.

I got an almost immediate response from the Kerry campaign, a canned letter that thanked me for writing, but that I should understand while they try to read everything they get, it may take weeks before anyone actually gets to my submission, and they may never respond.

The Bush campaign never responded. They didn’t even bother with the automated message. I think that’s kind of sad.

Someone posted on another blog – I don’t understand that: Why would you read the post here and comment on it elsewhere? – that they thought the letter was too exclusively Shi’ah, and I wasn’t reaching out to all Muslims. The letter was personal. The post has also become one of the most linked to at islamicate. So, in the interests of mass marketing, if you liked the letter, please take it and adapt it. Submit it to the candidates yourselves, in your own names. All we ask is that you point back/give acknowledgment to here.

Kerry contact page. Bush contact page.

For those of you who are curious, I did sign using my real name.