The Axis of Evil Speaks to the Great Shaitan

The Boston Globe is running an editorial about the recent Khatami visit to Boston.  They were there when he met with members of the MIT Faculty members.  Some choice quotations:

As the people around his table at the MIT Faculty Club laughed, Khatami
added: “And Bush and Ahmadinejad are cut from the same cloth.


Demonstrating his reputed interest in the Western Enlightenment,
Khatami at one point cited the British philosopher John Locke,
observing that Locke’s reason for separating religion from the state
was to protect religion. He invoked Locke to make the point that many
Iranians who favor more secularism are “actually strong supporters of
religion" and want to preserve the sanctity of religion by keeping it
separate from political affairs. Implicit in his allusion to Locke was
that Ahmadinejad’s crackdown on liberals and secularists was giving
piety in Iran a bad name.

Khatami was given a chance at MIT to boast about his support when he
was in office for information technology, biotech, and nanotechnology.
But he was not let off the hook on some crucial issues. In response to
a blunt question about Iran’s policy toward Israel, he recognized
Israel’s right to exist and approved the United Nations’ acceptance of
a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He insisted,
however, on the need to end Israel’s occupation of “some territories"
and asked why, if French resistance to occupation in World War II is
respected, the same respect is not accorded Palestinians under

Iqra it here

3 thoughts on “The Axis of Evil Speaks to the Great Shaitan

  1. I need a blog.
    Anyone notice that Keith Ellison won his bid for the Democratic nomination for the open House seat in his Minneapolis district? Because it’s a heavily democratic district, he’s pretty much assured of victory in November. He’s a progressive Democrat — anti-Iraq war, pro-education, pro-union, pro-choice, pro-gay rights.
    One other thing, he’s Muslim. Alhamdulilah.

  2. I noticed, as did third resurrection, and Tariq Nelson that Ellison won.
    I love listening to Khatami speak. The people who protested his visit are foolish.

  3. I agree, let all speak who will add to our understanding, and let’s get more Muslims in the House and Senate, inshallah.
    Ya Haqq!

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