Gay Marriage Comes to MA

The Boston Globe – along with all local media – is running the story about the first same sex marriage licenses being given out in the People’s Republic of Cambridge. I am really happy to be living in this city and state! Since in Islam – marriage is a civil contract – there should not be issues (ha! ha ha!) with Muslims seeing anything wrong with gay marriage. I am not sure what the Holy Quran says about homosexuality – perhaps someone can drop me the 411. But I think we should let people choose who they want to be with – and marry who they want to marry. Gay – straight – circle – whatever. Let the flames begin!!!

4 thoughts on “Gay Marriage Comes to MA

  1. Thanks for the Al-Fatiha link.
    I’m so proud to live in Massachusetts today, too! I wonder whether the SJC planned it so that the 180-day waiting period would end on the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education…?

  2. That’s great Rachel. I hadn’t even realized. Brown v. Board of Ed. is running in a separate track in my head than the goings on in Mass. today.
    Nice (re)reading of Levitcus too.

  3. For those in education, “Brown vs BOE” is in the news right now, very much so. I’m not positive the gay marriage thing was timed for convergence with that, but I wouldn’t be surprised.
    As for how I feel about it: I’m a post-General Convention ’03 Episcopalian. Need I say more. (g)
    I think that we need to focus much more on the stability and quality of relationships where parenting is involved rather than be so concerned with who the parents are. IMO the divorce rate is a much bigger problem than the small percentage of those who are gay and want to be married. I just hope that if they marry, that they *stay* married. The instability of marriage is one of the root problems of education and society in general right now.

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