A Good Point

Despite my responsibility as a citizen to keep informed, it’s getting quite difficult to read the news these days. I often find myself having to take a break from reading because I am overcome by anger, bitterness, or despair. And never mind the effect it’s having on my ability to do other work. However, I came across an op-ed yesterday, by a supporter of the war in Iraq, that made some very good points. What I liked most about it was its focus on where do we go from here. Regardless of whether or not you support the war in Iraq, we must all focus on the future and how to make it better – first for all the innocent men, women, and children who have been placed in harms way, second for those Iraqis who deserve a better chance, and third for all of us Americans who so far have been made less safe in the world by this conflict and the way in which it has been handled.