The fragility of Muslims

Keep to forgiveness (O Muhammad), and enjoin kindness, and turn away from the ignorant.
– The Qur’an, Chapter 7, Verse 199

What would the Prophet have done given the presence of those cartoons? Most probably smiled and turned away.  Why are Muslims getting so worked-up about the works of ignorant cartoonists from the boondocks of Denmark?  Is Islam so weak that we need to kill each other demonstrating our anger at an insult at the Prophet?  Is the legacy of the Prophet so weak that we have to condem every Tom Dick and Lars when they insult him?  Is Allah so weak that Muslims have to defend any insult to his beloved Prophet?

Please stop the madness and turn away from the ignorant.  It is beneath us to even give them any attention.  Instead look for the signs of Allah in the Universe.

4 thoughts on “The fragility of Muslims

  1. I’ve been watching the news with interest and i’m deeply saddened that people have died in what appears to be rioting and not protesting.
    It was stupid to print the cartoons as it is to insult any faith but it happens and it’s something we have to live with.
    We can protest as is our right but death and mayhem is just wrong for anyone of any faith.
    In the UK we a protester who dressed up as a suicide bomber which is so insensitive to those families who are killed or maimed by the London bombers, he’s back in prison after breaking his parole for drug dealing in crack and heroin.
    Does islam forbid this sort of behaviour?

  2. Asalaamualaikum,
    I have to say that I do agree with you.
    It reminds me of a time when a group of Jews were cursing the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to which the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) replied” May Allah Bless you.” The companions of the Prophet (SAW) asked him as to why he had responded as such and he replied “a vessel can only pour forth that which it contains.”
    There is a lot we can learn from Muhammad (SAW). May Allah make all our “words be echoes of his sentences, and our deeds, shadows of his radiance.” Talib-al-Habib

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