Muslim Woman Chaplain

The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine ran an article a couple of weeks ago about the army’s first potential female chaplain. Unfortunately I found the article somewhat frustrating with respect to the issues at stake in the US military. The author hints at things like ageism and sexism, but there’s a much stronger undercurrent of discrimination in the article that never gets explored. In addition, he only hints at the reaction of Muslims in the military, or outside it, to a female chaplain.

Personally, I have no problem. I pray through Bibi Fatimah, the Prophet’s daughter, for special occasions, and recognize the important role women play in Islam. In addition, and I think this is the most important, people of all faith traditions are turning to this potential chaplain, which means she can speak to a variety of people and is not taking an exclusivist approach to Islam.

Having her in a military chaplain role would be an important sign that the Muslim communities in the US are starting to become American. Any ideas on how to send letters of support on her behalf?