The Idea of America

In his op-ed yesterday, Thomas Friedman touched on something very dear to me – the idea of America. And in order to preserve the idea of America (he was actually talking about America’s Honor), he said that this administration needed to fire Rumsfeld, eat crow publicly, enlist help, and change course. I agree that all of these things might help preserve America’s credibility and salvage the Iraq situation, but I don’t share any of his optimism that there is any hope that this is what we will do. At least one reporter sees no end in site for Rumsfeld. Although Friedman is trying to plot a helpful course of action, I think Maureen Dowd does a better job of capturing my despair and disgust in her op-ed, which is basically a ranting and railing.

The truth is that I’m not sure what we can do to help the situation. To me, it is the idea of America that makes this nation so great. But, the longer that this administration is in control, the further we seem to be getting from that idea that I love.

3 thoughts on “The Idea of America

  1. It’s going to take a new president. God willing, we will elect a new one who gives a damn about the little guy. Whether that little uy is an Iraqi prisoner or an unemployed programmer in Denver.

  2. It’s interesting that we find the administration not really caring for the little guy when I find that for many people, part of President Bush’s appeal was that he IS the common man who can relate to the little guy. . . Ugh!

  3. As the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of southern European immigrants, I echo what you have said here. Our ancestors came here so that we could have more liberty, fairness, justice.
    I am heartsick over all of this. And I am very concerned at hearing that they may cut off the Net access of our soldiers. (Cf, Jake’s link).
    Last weekend I emoted at some length about “the Idea of America” myself. I don’t want to see that Idea die–nor do I want to see any more Iraqis and Americans die along with it.
    –Demi, Jake’s wife

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