©1974, my soul and my genetic material

Just so we are clear, I was “published” in 1974, and am exercising legal control over my soul and genetic material. My thoughts, until published, are part of the Creative Commons.

I was inspired to protect myself after reading a good post on copyright by Dawnsinger. More of my thoughts are in the comment section of his blog.

2 thoughts on “©1974, my soul and my genetic material

  1. My legal department advises me that technically God is the copyright holder of our souls in perpetuity (not being bound by the same laws as we are), but has granted us each first publication rights. These rights are effective during our lifetime, and will revert for reassignment upon our deaths.
    Jon – ©1955

  2. Shame on me. I’ve forgotten the primordial contract.
    Qur’an 7:171
    “alastu bi rabbikum?” (“am I not your Lord?”)
    “bala shahidna!” (“Truly we bear witness to it!”)

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