Who’s this?

I just realized all the titles of my recent postings were questions. No conscious decision on my part, it just happened. I thought I’d keep the trend going. In any event, wanted to welcome our latest posting member, this is me. Sitting on the side as a sounding board since we started, this is his/her first foray into the wild world of blogging. Hopefully (s)he’ll be posting regularly now.

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Current Affairs

Australian Soccer and the Hijab

I saw this article on the BBC website and figured this would make a good first posting. Now really what the hell was the referee thinking by stopping a women playing soccer because she was wearing a headscarf! Was the referee scared she might not see the ball! Thank goodness that her team mates and the team she was playing realised how ridiculous the referee was and supported the player. I’d love her to take the case to court and see how the referee tries to make an arguement that his/her actions were not discriminatory. I also have a problem…

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Where’s the outrage?

I know quite a few Muslims and Muslim organizations are upset about the loss of Muslim lives in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, etc.. However, none of them seem to be upset by the fact that the largest slaughters of Muslims (this is opinion, I don’t have the numbers to back it up yet) in the last ten years has been committed by other self-styled Muslims, namely Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. In the last 48 hours I’ve seen three headlines (1, 2, 3), which are what have gotten me thinking about this issue. Why aren’t more Muslims decrying this loss of life…

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