OK, clearly we must have know it was possible

So one of the arguments against being able to prevent 9/11 is that no one could have imagined such a scenario. I remember at the time there was much made of the fact that an author (Tom Clancy? Sorry, I just don’t remember enough of the details.) had written a book describing a similar situation, and that the idea had also been mooted for a Hollywood movie script. Granted these are not official sources of government information, so I’m willing to cut them some slack.

However, I’ve linked previously to another article that would be considered an official government source. I read an article in a recent Atlantic Monthly – apparently preceded by an IHT one – about the Nazi’s plan to suicide bomb New York. And finally from David Brook’s op-ed in the NY Times today about the Columbine killers:

Harris was an icy killer. He once thought about hijacking a plane and flying it into Manhattan.

The conclusion is drawn from the research present in an FBI report. I refuse to accept any longer that no one could have imagined such a scenario.