Abou El Fadl Recommended Reading

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[The following was taken directly from Scholar of the House]

“Working from a comprehensive bibliography of books on Islam in English as of 2003 compiled by Patrick S. O’Donnell (Adjunct Instructor, Philosophy Department, Santa Barbara City College, 2003), Dr. Abou El Fadl hand-selected the following recommended books because they met the following three criteria: 1) Dr. Abou El Fadl has read the book; 2) the book exhibits a “high quality of scholarship,” and 3) regardless of whether or not Dr. Abou El Fadl agrees with the views of the particular author, he considers it as “generally useful to read”.

General Books on Islam
Books on the Prophet Muhammad
Books on The Qur’an
Books on Shi’i Islam
Books on Sufism

There will be many more categories coming soon. Please check: Scholar of the House

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  1. I was actually listening to the Clash when I read your post. Perhaps we should add a music list?
    In any event, here’s another list of books on Islam.

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