Teaching Kids the Holy Quran…with Legos!

I’ve blogged on occasion about Legos. You might remember me mentioning The Brick Testament,which retells a number of famous (and in some cases shocking) stories from the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. Well, I appear to be the last person in the Islamophere to notice the wonderful blog Teaching Kids the Holy Quran, which aims to do the same for the Quran, but with some innovative twists.

via akramsrazor.typepad.com

One thought on “Teaching Kids the Holy Quran…with Legos!

  1. Quran is the book of Miracles and its every chapter and verses something so special for example
    1. Sura Yasin: Relief from punishment in the grave.
    2. Sura Rehman: it will make us rich.
    3. Sura Waqiya: It will release you from hunger.
    4. Sura AL Mulk: Brings light in your grave.
    5. Sura Al Jasia: It will bring peace in your life.

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