God Rest Their Souls

May God rest the souls of the victims of the subway attacks in Spain. We condemn this terrorist attack, regardless of who is responsible. Terrorism does nothing but perpetuate a cycle of violence and costs innocent lives.

2 thoughts on “God Rest Their Souls

  1. How can it be a cycle??? The cycle of violence is a moral cop-out!!!!
    What did the Spaniards do?
    I think the apologists are a little to eager to use this one since it seems to work w/ the Palestinians. It’s a great one-liner but morally incorrect. Let’s not be afraid to call evil, evil.

  2. you are absolutely right. it is an evil. let me be clear, terrorism is horrible, and cannot be justified by any theology i am aware of except through extreme contortions. when i talked of a cycle of violence, i meant that often times it initiates a cycle, a goal of the terrorists to justify their own actions. it was not meant as a statement to rationalize terrorist actions, but as a commentary that you can only have an escalation in deaths; that is, the poisoned fruit of the poisoned tree.

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