The Prophet’s Legacy

Yesterday was Id-e Ghadir, the day Prophet Muhammad named Imam Ali as his successor. A poem to mark the occasion.

Listen, brothers! In the ocean of faith, the Qur’an is the most
precious pearl of Muhammad.

Just as every king keeps his treasure concealed, the Qur’an is the
hidden treasure of Muhammad.

Observer well, who do you see as the custodian of this treasure and
the trustee of Muhammad?

Just as you leave your treasure to your children, there is a legacy
for the children of Muhammad.

Do you not see that the pearls of faith cannot come from anyone
except the children of Muhammad?

This treasure was entrusted to one person only, worthy of being the
confidant of Muhammad.

He was none other than the Prophet’s dear friend, whose spouse was
the pure daughter of Muhammad,

the lady of paradise: from them were born
Husayn and Hasan, the sin and shin of Muhammad.

I am certain that in both the worlds, Husayn and Hasan are the rose
and jasmine of Muhammad.

Tell me, where in the world can blossom such exquisite blooms except
in the soil of Muhammad?

I can never bring myself to choose anyone over and above these two
beloved sons of Muhammad.

If I were to desire someone in their place,
how disgraced will I be in the presence of Muhammad!

Nasir Khusraw
from Shimmering Light: An Anthology of Ismaili Poetry
translated by Faquir Muhammad Hunzai.

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  1. To say that Jews, Christians, and Muslims all worship and belive in the same god is incorrect. The god of Christians is three persons in one. The Father, Spirit, and the Son (Jesus Christ). Jews and Muslims may believe that Jesus Christ exised, but they do not believe that He was the Messiah the son of God. And they most certantly do not beleive that He is God.

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