A Brief Roundup

Sorry, I have been away for a while. I spent the last few weeks in Kampala, Uganda, where I was visting my parents and soaking up the country of my birth. The homecoming was well-timed. I was surprised to see that Osama was a hailed in this African country. I am not sure whether many Ugandans supported Osama’s politics or just detested those framed by Cheney, Rummy, and Wolfowitz. America is indeed vilified and hated for is arrogance all over the developing world. It is sad, because under Clinton, Africans held Americans in high esteem. That goodwill has been squandered. Enough about my vacation.

Here is an interesting article in Counterpunch entitled "The Clash of Absurdities" about the mindset of suicide bombers in Palestine. It is a sympathetic article to the Palestinian cause, but does little to address the damage these so-called martyrs do by cloaking their actions in the shroud of Islam.

Khaled Abou El Fadl, the poster boy of progressives (far too relaint on Shariah, but a good writer and thinker) will soon release a new publication entitled "Islam and the Challenge of Democracy" Speaking of democracy, I am keeping an eye on New Hampshire. I am a Kucinich supporter, but reality is making me hope that Dean has a strong showing. AltMuslim outlines what the upcoming election means for American Muslims through a series of links. Lately, I have been reading the Ask the Imam section on Beliefnet. Its kind of like a halal Dear Abby.

And finally, I offer up one really bad joke to end this post
Nasuralla: The local Imam of my mosque has no nose
Rostum: How does he smell?
Nasuralla: Awful