Fresh Meat

Been following an interesting ‘blog run by Aziz Poonawalla that Ghost Dog pointed out to me.

First, congratulations to the good doctor on the successful oral defense of his dissertation. I don’t know the topic, but based on the ‘blog, I’m probably going to enjoy reading it.

Second, time to comment on his ‘blog. He’s using the Blogger system, so I’m not sure how to give him the equivalent of a trackback, so hopefully he’ll forgive me.

He has an interesting post on the California supermarket workers’ strike. I do tend to agree with him on the economic analysis he provides in terms of enlarging the pie so everyone gets a bigger piece, rather than giving people larger pieces by diminishing the pieces of others. This approach strikes me as entirely commonsensical and in keeping in the best traditions of social justice. As such, it also blends well with the Islamic world view, a corollary analysis I find missing in Aziz’s post. There is nothing wrong with capitalism, but as with anything else, in excess it incredibly damaging; in the earliest period of Islamic history, the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions were aware of the dangers of the mass accumulation of wealth. In the US, the founding fathers feared this hoarding as well, believing it would lead to a new aritocracy. Historically, the US has strived to ensure a recycling of wealth in every generation, to create opportunity. It seems to me Muslims have a vested religious interest in working towards issues of economic social justice, the creation of opportunity, and the making of a bigger pie. It’s not a question of liberal or conservative, but a question of helping or not.

He has another post on the CAIR, which he has appropriately called “who cares?” I have to admit, I’ve got to agree with him. I have issues with CAIR, and I’ll post some more on them later. However, I also have to admit that they do good, and there have been a few legal challenges I’m glad they’ve taken on in the name of the Muslim community in the US. On this point though, semiontics and all, I really have to wonder, “really?” This issue is so over the top, and while the gag might not be funny, it’s still a gag, and recognizable as such.

Looking forward to reading more Aziz’s stuff.