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Iraqi Voices

Maybe instead of talking about them, we should be listening to them. This is a great project by a great group, and some really wonderful people whom I am privileged to know. Part of what happens when you bring a group of artists to speak to refugees (or really to speak to anyone), is that the subject of art comes up. When people hear that we are artists, they tend to start telling us about the art that they know and love. There stories begin to be told on the level of music and dance, picture and sound.

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The Cost of War

Haroon links to some goodness on Afghanistan. The Atlantic has an email from Afghanistan. Nick Kristof on building schools. The New Yorker on the individual cost of war for an Iraqi veteran. The New Yorker also had a moving photoessay on the cost of war. The photo below is from the series. It’s same photo Colin Powell mentioned in his Obama endorsement.

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Full Battle Rattle

A friend of mine sent me this link about a movie that deals with the virtual Iraq we have created in the US. I’m serious. We have built an Iraq in the US to train our soldiers to go to Iraq. Fighting them over here so we can fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.

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