Sana Amanat Supercharges The Comics World – Bwog

Sana Amanat Supercharges The Comics World – Bwog.

On Tuesday evening, Barnard’s Sulz Parlor was packed with eager listeners. Like her heroine, Sana Amanat was warm, funny and down-to-earth. Amanat, the child of Pakistani immigrants, worked in magazine publishing after graduating from Barnard. From there she moved to an indie comic book company. She was hired by Marvel in 2009, where she currently works as director of content and character development. 

 Interviewing her was Professor Hussein Rashid, adjunct professor of religion at Barnard, whose work focuses on Muslims and American popular culture. He starts with the most important question of all: How did her time at Barnard inform and prepare her for her work as a comic book editor?