Obscure Malcolm X speech found at Brown University

This is what a good education can do.
Obscure Malcolm X speech found at Brown University.

The audiotape of Malcolm X’s 1961 address in Providence might never have surfaced at all if 22-year-old Brown University student Malcolm Burnley hadn’t stumbled across a reference to it in an old student newspaper. He found the recording of the little-remembered visit gathering dust in the university archives.

NPR story on the same.

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  1. here, elsecialpy the main message, I am not sure whether the argument that the Hajj was the catalyst for Malcolm’s conversion is completely correct. At least in the movie, the slow turn-around starts with the increasing warning signs about the jealousy and animosity from his fellow Muslims in the Nation of Islam.However, your message is correct. In the end, we should not judge a person by his/her origin but by his/her deeds and thought only. Everything else is a pure conjecture of more or less reliable sources of information that only provide the impetus for passionate and often irrational action.

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