Video: Faith in London

Short. Sweet. To the point. I like it. Thanks Maryam Eskandari.

Faith in London from Tariq Chow on Vimeo.

Faith in London is a short silent film celebrating the common instruction towards compassion that exists in all world religions and honouring what is perhaps the finest example of multi-faith coexistence in the world: The City of London.

In making London the protagonist, the film vividly illustrates how her many faiths provide inspiration to her people, instilling love and compassion between them. It challenges opposition to the prevalence of organised religion in modern society by giving a voice to those who embody the true spirit of their faith.

It is because of these people that we can proudly say: We have Faith in London.

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  1. and @Taz thank you for your eganurcoement and your friendship. Both of you inspire me to believe that we can truly make a difference in our world for the better with respect and a determination to understand each other.

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