Bharat Choudary’s Photos of Young Muslims –

Great story. Unbelievable photos.

Bharat Choudary’s Photos of Young Muslims –

Bharat Choudhary has seen the power of religious hatred up close. After the 2002 sectarian riots in Gujarat State, India, Mr. Choudhary counseled victims who had been paralyzed or raped during the violence. 

His clients were Muslims. Mr. Choudhary is Hindu. 

“My job was to talk with them, to counsel them and try to convince them that everything was going to be fine, even though I knew that nothing was going to be fine with their life anymore,” he said. “That always stayed with me.” 

He was painfully reminded of that a few years later while studying photojournalism in Columbia, Mo. Once while walking home from class, two white men in a pickup truck tailed him. As the truck drove past him, they hurled insults, shouting “Osama! Osama!” The truck made a U-turn and stopped in front of him. The barrage of insults continued. 

The provocation? “I was brown and had a beard at that time,” Mr. Choudhary said. 

The jarring encounter would prove fortuitous, becoming the topic for his masters project, photographing young Muslims who were born in the United States. He admits that at first, he didn’t know much about them.

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  1. In My own opiinon let them do it and don’t confront them. Then after the hate by Islamic groups do their thing (HOPEFULLY some of it shown on TV.) The EDL could make a statement on their site stating how the British people have spoken Islam can have their way. This does a number of things.1. Primarily when two groups fight the issues are no longer the focus. They only see the fight.2. The media has successfully daemonize the EDL we have to accept that. Let them think they actually won. State something like we live in a democracy and the British people want us to back down so be it. The media will no longer have an out for Islamic hate (the EDL.)Islam will have to stand on its own in the eyes of the British people.Just a reminder the media uses the EDL to Islams advantage by saying the EDL propagates Islamic hate.3. Remember Islam is good at one thing and one thing only which is propaganda.They have the Media on their side that needs to turn around.

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