Mood-Tuner for iPad @moodtuner

App designed by a friend of mine. Good fun, and cheap too.

Mood-Tuner for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Mood-Tuner is a mindfulness tool that helps you build emotional fitness. Think of it like a life-coach/ guru/ therapist in-your-pocket. It is a set of easy, pick-me-up practices that you can do anytime, anywhere. Using special questions to redirect your inner dialog, Mood-Tuner helps you shift from stuck to inspired; from "blah" to "awesome!". 

Mood-Tuner was born out of a desire to create a stress-free way to implement the lessons from personal development and wisdom traditions into our real lives. Its all well and great to be inspired by books and teachers, or to feel good after a counseling session, but the proof is in living those lessons day to day and moment to moment. Mood-Tuner is there whenever you need it, to help shift your mood and unlock your natural momentum.