Rod Dreher » Don’t blame Muslims for Catholic U. suit

Rod Dreher » Don’t blame Muslims for Catholic U. suit.

A group of Muslims studying at the private Catholic University of America are petitioning the DC Office of Human Rights to investigate the university for not providing them a prayer room free of all Christian symbolism. 

Oh wait, except that there’s no evidence that any actual Muslims are offended. Instead, a George Washington University law professor, John Banzhaf, has taken it upon himself to do so on behalf of Muslim students, who have never filed a complaint about this with anybody. Don’t blame Muslim students for this; blame the litigation-mad, publicity-seeking John Banzhaf. But if there ever were to be a student complaint, I would say this: if you want to study in a place devoid of religious symbolism, don’t choose to attend a private Catholic university. I would say the same thing to Catholic students who sued a Muslim college to compel them to provide a prayer space devoid of Islamic accoutrements.