Kill all the Infidels

Via Atrios we have a Republican Rep. from Texas saying he wants to nuke Syria. I think we now have more than an inkling that there is a fifth column in the US, people who agree with Osama Bin Laden and are trying to further his agenda. Rep. Johnson seems like a prime person to fit that bill. He wants to nuke a country that has a type of Islam that OBL can’t stand, Shi’ah sympathetic (although not primarily Shi’ah), and he wants to kill Christian minorities in Muslim majority countries. Isn’t this part of the Al-Qaeda platform?

Texas Democrats, how about running an opponent and using some of the following slogans:

“We don’t support Al-Qaeda”

“Don’t nuke Christians”

“Osama Bin Laden doesn’t write my foreign policy”

Any others?

Note: The above comments are my own personal opinion and in no way reflect knowledge of Rep. Johnson’s own views. He should be more careful with his words, or they could be construed in ways he did not consciously mean.

2 thoughts on “Kill all the Infidels

  1. I got news for the world muslims are the most hateful brutal insane inhumane horrible people in the world. They torture people they stone people to death they are conpletely intoleret.people say it is only a few like that but I say that is bullshit.All muslim countries are like that .

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