30 Mosques Project

The 30 Mosques Project is going live again for Ramadan. They need some help, so please consider donating.

Dear friends,

Hope you all are well.
A year ago, my friend Aman and I took a road trip around the US during the month of Ramadan. We didn’t think much of it when we started, but as the days continued the trip slowly began to pick up some traction and we found ourselves giving a glimpse into the lives of many Americans that have been marginalized. We learned a lot and I think the hundreds of thousands of readers learned something as well.
We are finishing what we started last year by visiting the 20 states we missed in last year’s trip. Some of you may already know this. But what you may not know is that there are 16 days left in the fundraising and we really need your help. To keep the integrity of our trip, we have refused sponsorships and money from corporations. We want our readers to be invested in our project just as much as we are. Just like last year, we want you to feel as if you have a part in all this.
Visit out our kickstarter page: http://kck.st/ivzP5t
We have 16 days to raise 7K, let’s do this.
Times are tough and if you can’t donate, we completely understand. We would appreciate it if you can share this link to people who you think would be interested to help.
My Best,