Is the Bible more Violent than the Qur’an?

NPR does the story.

I am uncomfortable with this sort of comparison because it still buys into a paradigm of one religion being better than the other. Interestingly, I think the most intelligent comment comes from the critic of Islam who argues that the Qur’an is not about history, but the present. It is, in many ways, about always defining the present, which means it’s reading cannot be fixed in the past either. He does not take the argument to the logical conclusion. If the guidance is meant to be read for the present, than we as Muslims must struggle with its meaning at all times. By deferring to the past, we say the guidance was only good for the past.

One thought on “Is the Bible more Violent than the Qur’an?

  1. The military aspects of the Quran may seem harsh but they aren’t genocidal. For Judaism, the genocidal commandments are currently valid and “in the present” and Jews also have to continue to struggle with their meaning. Most Christians can filter out such commandments by saying that they were abrogated (with the rest of the Torah) by Jesus.

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