Prisoner Treatment, Morality, and #Torture

Juan Cole is brilliant in his analysis of how the US lost the moral high ground on prisoner treatment, in part because of our torture polices.

But I fear that the argument that the public humiliation of prisoners is against international law won’t take the US very far after 8 years of Bush-Cheney.

After the evidence surfaced that the US military took all those humiliating pictures of prisoners at Abu Ghraib to blackmail them by threatening to make them public, the US assertion of support for this principle of the Geneva Conventions will be met with, well, let us say substantial skepticism.

One thought on “Prisoner Treatment, Morality, and #Torture

  1. The more I read these kinds of articles, the more I wonder whether people actually understand the Geneva Conventions. Maybe if we start teaching youth about IHL (international humanitarian law) in schools there wouldn’t be so much confusion.
    There’s a petition out now– Protect the Vulnerable in War: Teach the Geneva Conventions– found at
    Sign the Petition! Perhaps our future leaders will have less issues understanding what is legal & right if they’ve been brought up to respect IHL.

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